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The Beekeeper

James Eugene Patton

July 13, 1876 - June 9, 1964

South of the Humboldt River just east of 'Hot Hole'

Elko, Elko County, Nevada


James E. Patton

James Eugene Patton


On July 28, 2003, I received the following e-mail from Angela Struhs concerning a web page (Elko Hot Springs Natatorium) that I had written in October, 2002.  It was very interesting subject to me - for next to the old swimming pool (natatorium) there are some old, long abandoned, buildings.  This property has always had a "warm and gentle but longing feeling" to me.  But let's leave that for another day.  For now, let's just pause for a moment and enjoy a little "good and pure" sweet Elko History.

If you wish to add more ... let me know.


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From: Angela Struhs- Internet class
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2003 10:46 AM
Subject: Mr Mour's article

Hello- You mention in your article about Mr. Mour whose article contains a 3 page history of the pool. Where can I get a copy of this history? I am very interested in this property since it was my great grandfather's property in the 1930's-1960's. He lived on the land and was a bee keeper. We were in Elko yesterday looking through the abandoned buildings and found a box with "Patton's Honey" on it. We were very excited. His name was James E. Patton. We are trying to find out any information about him. Please let me know anything and everything you know about this area and about him. Thanks a lot. Angela Struhs



The corral in the middle of the photo is the location of the old swimming pool written about on http://www.elkorose.com/natatorium.html.  The buildings behind the corral is Mr. Patton's bee farm.  The Humboldt River and some hot springs are directly behind these buildings.

Patton's Pure Honey

Patton's Pure Honey

Patton's Pure Honey

Patton's Pure Honey

Patton's Pure Honey

Patton's Pure Honey

Patton's Pure Honey

Box found in shed:





6 - 10 LB TINS."

Patton's Pure Honey




Elko Daily Free Press June 10, 1964

James Eugene Patton



Elko Daily Free Press June 12, 1964

James Eugene Patton


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From: "Angie Struhs"

 To: <turner@outbacknevada.us>

Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 11:52 AM
Subject: Re: James E, Patton - The Beekeeper - Elko, Nevada

Mr. Turner,

Thank you so very much for all of your work and research.  My great
grand-father's legend will continue now through your wonderful website.
Thanks for doing that. It's great! My Grandfather, James E. Patton is still alive and will be thrilled to view this website. The obituary only mentions
his daughter, Esther, however, he had 2 sons also. Him and his wife divorced early on and James Eugene Patton got custody of Esther, and his wife, Theresa, kept the 2 boys. My grandpa did not know his father well and has very few memories of him. However, he is very interested in his father's life and we are all excited to share his story with Elko.


Elko County Cemetery, Elko, Nevada

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The Beekeeper

James E. Patton  1876 – 1964

Elko, Nevada


By where the Humboldt’s waters flow

And the summer’s cattails profusely grow

Where hot springs issue forth with sulfured water

And horses graze contentedly upon abundant fodder.


There is a place of quiet enchantment

For here once lived an unassuming gent

A kind and gentle beekeeper until the very last

A man who spoke ... little of his past


They say he found contentment in a solitary life

Though he liked to sit and chat - he cared little for its strife

It’s said he preferred the company of bees to man

And when alone – he talked to bees – I understand


James Patton passed away in 1964

Fate has now nudged me to learn a little more

So I traveled to his homestead down by the hot hole

In search of his story – in search of his soul


Few clues remain in the old tumbled down shack

But among some debris on the floor out back

I found an old box printed “Patton’s pure honey”

But the hives are now gone - and nary a bee did I see


So I ventured forth upon my quest

To find his final place of rest

Here I learned - he must not have lived just for money

But had a greater calling in gathering mother nature’s honey


For I found him buried in Elko's Pauper’s Field

Where also I found a long held secret revealed

While standing by his grave - a bee alit upon his stone

As if to pay homage at a kind king’s throne


Then without a doubt I knew

A truth revealed but to a few

One of nature’s concealed keys

Here lies a man who talked with bees

                                             - Dan and Harry Turner 8/9/03

                                                                   Elko, Nevada







Hot Hole and Elko Hot Springs, Elko, Elko County, Nv 

Elko - Humboldt Hot Springs, Elko, Elko County, Nv 

Catlin's Oil From Shale Plant, Elko, Elko County, Nv

Elko Hot Springs Natatorium, Elko, Elko County, Nv 

Elko County Cemetery






Additional Information:  Northeastern Nevada Museum

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Recent Photos by Dan Turner, July 29, 2003

Photo of Mr. Patton courtesy of Angela Struhs