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Beowawe Geysers

Eureka County, Nevada



The Beowawe geysers are no more.  They have been drilled and are now used to produce geothermal electric power by the dual flash technique.  But thanks to the Northeastern Nevada Museum archives we have some photos of what the geyser field once looked like.  


USGS Topographic Map of Beowawe Geysers (1985)

USGS Aerial Photograph of Beowawe Geysers (1994)



Click on photos to see original high clarity digital photographs  



Old photos of Beowawe Geysers courtesy of the Northeastern Nevada Museum


Beowawe, Nevada Geysers October 17, 1931 (date photo developed)

NENM Photo 9-67

9-67.jpg (25028 bytes)
Beowawe geysers (date unknown)

NENM Photo 9-56

9-56.jpg (44106 bytes)
Beowawe geysers November, 1958 (date photo developed)

NENM Photo 9-55

9-55.jpg (35788 bytes)
Geothermal drilling at Beowawe geysers (date unknown)

NENM Photo 9-69

9-69.jpg (60731 bytes)
Hot springs Beowawe 1971

NENM Photo 9-108

9-108.jpg (33583 bytes)



Location of the Beowawe Geyser field
020217beo_geyser9.JPG (262522 bytes)
020217beo_geyser10.JPG (286491 bytes)
Insulated pipeline to power plant
020217beo_geyser5.JPG (275111 bytes)
020217beo_geyser3.JPG (245198 bytes)
020217beo_geyser12.JPG (251994 bytes)


  The Beowawe geothermal power plant is a "Dual Flash" Type of geothermal plant.  It became operational in December 1985.  It has a rating of 16.0 MW. The steam is supplied by California Energy Company.
020217beo_power1.JPG (239731 bytes)
020217beo_power2.JPG (221130 bytes)
020217beo_power4.JPG (206575 bytes)
020217beo_power8.JPG (199940 bytes)


Nevada Geothermal Electric Power Production 1984 - 1988

Department of Minerals, State of Nevada Pamphlet 

dblflash.jpg (552774 bytes)






Beowawe, Eureka County, Nv 


Maiden's Grave, Beowawe, Eureka County, Nv 


Desert Magazine Story

Month/Year: January, 1971
Pages: 26, 27, 28, 29
Title: Nevada's Beowawe Geysers
Author: Mary Frances Strong










Additional Information:  Northeastern Nevada Museum

NENM Photos are courtesy of the Northeastern Nevada Museum

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