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Elko Hot Springs, Nevada

also called 'Hot Pot', 'Hot Hole'

Elko County, Nevada


There are actually two hot springs here - the "Hot Hole" and the Elko Hot Spring. The Hot Hole is very easy to get to.  It is right along Bullion Road, next to the Humboldt River.  On July 21, 2001, my boy and I visited the Hot Hole and took the photos below.  At the time we tried to get to the Elko Hot Spring, up the hill and to the south, but fences, houses, horse corrals and barking dogs discouraged the quest.   On October 7, 2001, after reading about the Elko Hot Springs, I went back and came in the back way, via the Catlin Oil Shale Plant road  and walked down to spring.  The spring is fenced off, but I did get some photos.  It also has some history.  So away we go ...


Up-date:  On June 29, 2002, my boy and I took photos of three additional hot springs just north of the "Hot Hole" along the Humboldt river.  




Hot Hole


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010721hotpots_sign.JPG (364041 bytes)


010721hotpots1.JPG (294034 bytes)

^ Looking North

010721hotpots3.JPG (327121 bytes)

^ Looking South

010721hotpots4.JPG (295065 bytes)

^ Looking East

010721hotpots5.JPG (290273 bytes)

^ Looking East

010721humboldt.JPG (276499 bytes)

Humboldt River by Hot Springs




What was the top story of 1849?  

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USGS Topographic Map of Elko

Hot Hole at Center Left of Map

Spring to south of Hot Hole is a hot spring

USGS Topographic Map Elko Hot Hole


USGS Aerial Photograph of Elko

Hot Holes at Center Left of Photo

USGS Aerial Photograph of Elko Hot Hole


Elko Hot Spring



I remember last visiting the Hot Springs hotel in about 1982.  It was abandoned, but still standing.  I remember it was a county home and an old age home.  I'll see what the museum has to offer next.



Taken Directly From:


Elko: The First 100 Years


 A resort, White Sulphur Hot Springs, was built near the Hot Hole off Bullion Road.


White Sulphur Springs Hotel burns down, rebuilt. 

Population estimate is 600. Area mining curtailed causing a Nevada-wide depression.

 Hot Springs hotel burns again, rebuilt again. 

Third Hot Springs Hotel. The first building was constructed in 1869 and burned in 1882. The second burned in 1899.   A little horse-drawn bus  made regular trips into town to transport guests


University of Nevada was born in Elko

By Charles Greenhaw and Antoine Primeaux

"But in 1918, a new county high school had been dedicated on the grounds. Citizens believed that the hospital detracted from the graces of the school. Officials moved the "old folks" to the vacated Hot Springs Hotel, south of the Humboldt River."



In the left center, where the yellow grass is, is where Elko Hot Spring is located.

In the enlarged photo you can see the foundations of the Hot Springs Hotel

011007hotsprings_6.JPG (360313 bytes)
Elko Hot Spring is in the fenced area
011007hotsprings_1.JPG (337768 bytes)
Main Hot Spring area
011007hotsprings_4.JPG (312224 bytes)
Outflow area for above spring
011007hotsprings_3.JPG (310524 bytes)
Dam made of native hot spring rock.  Elko Hot Spring in fenced area.
011007hotspringsdam.JPG (338184 bytes)
Smaller spring area in fenced area
011007hotsprings_2.JPG (467224 bytes)
011007hotspringsdam_3.JPG (362872 bytes)
This obelisk monument, with no writing, is near Elko Hot Spring.  It has a small fence around it.  It is assumed to be an interstellar alien locator beacon that will be activated on the next invasion of earth (or something like that). 
011007hotsprings_5.JPG (300466 bytes)
Horseshoe at Elko Hot Spring - All the luck may not have run out yet for this Hot Spring.
011007horseshoe.JPG (409454 bytes)




Older hot spring deposit between Hot Hole and Elko Hot Spring.

011007hotspringsold.JPG (294966 bytes)



Hot Hole photo taken from Elko Hot Spring.  It is in the very center of the photo - the whitish area this side of the Humboldt River.

011007hotpot.JPG (347987 bytes)





Hot Hole Links

Location:  40.82N  115.77W


Hot Springs in Nevada




Hot Spring maps by state

    Hole Hole  Temperature:  133F

    Elko Hot Spring  Temperature:  190F


Hotsprings of Nevada

  Hot Hole   Temperature:  133F

  Elko Hot Spring  Temperature:  190F



Elko - Humboldt Hot Springs, Elko, Elko County, Nv 

Catlin's Oil From Shale Plant, Elko, Elko County, Nv

The Beekeeper,  Elko, Elko County, Nv

Elko Hot Springs Natatorium, Elko, Elko County, Nv 






Additional Information:  Northeastern Nevada Museum

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