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Eureka County, Nevada


Dunphy, Nevada is just off the I-80 freeway between Carlin and Battle Mountain, Nevada.  It was here long before the freeway was even thought of.  If you take the Dunphy exit you will enter the world of ranching and mining.  You will also retrace the steps of Indians, trappers, emigrants headed west by wagon train, cowboys and miners.  Tread lightly it is ground watched over by the deer, the swallows, owls, coyotes and the golden eagle.


USGS Topographic Map of Dunphy, Nevada (1986)

USGS Aerial Photograph of Dunphy, Nevada (1994)


According to the history of the T Lazy S Ranch, Dunphy was named for the Irish immigrant who settled in Boulder Valley in 1870.  His name was William Dunphy.  The history of their ranch and Dunphy is extremely interesting and can be found at


Jessie Callahan Mahoney

This is a great historical article of ranching life at Dunphy and the surrounding area and its people.


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Swallow nests under I-80 overpass at Dunphy exit.
020120_dunphy_swallows3g.JPG (195450 bytes)


Just east of Dunphy exit on old US Highway 40.  Looking west.  The mountain in the far distance (center of photo) is Battle Mountain.  The Sheep Creek Range is on the right (lava flows form the top of this mountain) and the Shoshone Range is on the left.  The valley is the Humboldt River Valley.
020120_dunphy_shoshonept_1.JPG (213806 bytes)
Trail marker at above location:




TRAILS WEST INC., P.O. BOX 10245, RENO, NV 89510


The Donner Party camped at the present site of Dunphy on Wednesday, September 30, 1846.  

020120_dunphy_shoshonept_2.JPG (247266 bytes)
Above Trails West Post is on the far right of photo.  Sheep Creek Range is in the distance.  The picnic table is on the old US 40 Highway (looking NW).
020120_dunphy_shoshonept_3table.JPG (264522 bytes)
Looking north at above location.  Southern Pacific tracks are in foreground and Western Pacific tracks are in the distance.
020120_dunphy_trees.JPG (263162 bytes)
Old US 40.  Shoshone Range is on the left.
020120_dunphy_us40.JPG (207010 bytes)



Humboldt River looking west.  The mountain in the far distance (center of photo) is Battle Mountain.  The Sheep Creek Range is on the right and the Shoshone Range is on the left.  The valley is the Humboldt River Valley.  The large flat area ahead is the Blue House Slough.  The trees on the left are the ones in the photo above. 
020120_dunphy_humboldtwest_1.JPG (210759 bytes)
020120_dunphy_humboldtwest_3.JPG (207517 bytes)
Humboldt River looking southeast.  The mountains are the Shoshone Range.
020120_dunphy_humboldtwest_4.JPG (279171 bytes)


Dunphy barite mill site.
020120_dunphy_mill16ghumboldt.JPG (203627 bytes)
Dunphy Mill on east bound Western Pacific railroad tracks.  Old trailer park for employees is in the foreground.  From memory the mill was constructed in 1968.  Prior to this time the barite was shipped to Modesto, California to be ground.  
020120_dunphy_mill15gtrain.JPG (267616 bytes)
Entrance to mill site.  Dunphy volunteer fire department building is on the left.  Dunphy Ranch is in distance.
020120_dunphy_mill12sign.JPG (186351 bytes)
Dunphy mill.  Can load bulk (in bulk car - left) or bagged (in box car - right) barite on rail siding.
020120_dunphy_mill2.JPG (277016 bytes)
020120_dunphy_mill9g_office.JPG (258296 bytes)
Manager house on left.  Office building of same color (on right) is one of the original railroad section gang houses.  It has been resided.  A rather large old railroad owned house/office was where the warehouse (large blue building) is now located.
020120_dunphy_mill10house.JPG (353497 bytes)
Truck parking area.  These are the trucks that bring the barite ore from the Rossi Mine, 35 miles north of Dunphy.
020120_dunphy_mill3_trucks.JPG (209171 bytes)
Warehouse (left) and mill (right).  The ore is ground with Raymond mills.
020120_dunphy_mill5.JPG (272574 bytes)
Mill (left) and maintenance shop (right).
020120_dunphy_mill6.JPG (213692 bytes)
020120_dunphy_mill11crusher.JPG (224353 bytes)



Entrance to Dunphy Ranch, looking north.  John Marvel, Nevada Assemblyman, used to call this home.

  This is also presumed to be the ranch where John C. Coble was foreman in 1914, just before his suicide death at the Commercial Hotel in Elko, Nevada.

Photo is taken looking north Boulder Valley is in the distance.

020120_dunphy_ranch2g.JPG (221929 bytes)
Cattle on Dunphy Ranch.  Sheep Creek Range is in the distance.
020120_dunphy_ranch1.JPG (200870 bytes)
Dunphy Ranch 
020120_dunphy_ranch3g.JPG (232686 bytes)
020120_dunphy_ranch4g.JPG (385691 bytes)
020120_dunphy_ranch8.JPG (258285 bytes)
Golden eagle in tree.
020120_dunphy_ranch7geagle.JPG (206605 bytes)
020120_dunphy_ranch6geagle.JPG (208548 bytes)






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