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Bullion Mine, Nevada

or  'What's at the end of Bullion Road?'

July 29, 2001

Elko County, Nevada

The Bullion Mine is currently inactive.  It has been preserved by a full-time watchman who lives at the property.  I was told the mine is on private patented land and visitors wishing to scavenge are not appreciated by the owners.  The road to the actual mine is closed off with a locked gate.  I was also told that the old town-site burned down during the range fires of 1999.  Only a few burned boards and rock foundations remain of the lower older town-site.


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Circa 1886 Photographs

 of Bullion Mine Area

b&wbullion_2.jpg (126316 bytes)

b&wbullion_3.jpg (145303 bytes)

b&wbullion_4.jpg (144334 bytes)

b&wbullion_1.jpg (27686 bytes)

Bullion School

(below - date unknown)

I assume this is the school site - just below the mill in the draw.  The trees and topography match very well.  The trees behind the school have been burned but the stumps remain.

b&wbullionschool.jpg (24718 bytes)

010805bullion_30.JPG (405128 bytes)


Photos courtesy of:  Northeastern Nevada Museum

Photos: #12- 4, 9, 12, 10 & 11

Photos 12-10 and 12-12 are from J. H. Crockwell Collection



What was the top story of 1886?  

Ans.: Statue of Liberty Dedicated

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Bullion Mine in Distance - Davis Tunnel
bullion_7.JPG (368447 bytes)
bullion_12.JPG (379022 bytes)
^ Davis Tunnel and Tailings Dam
bullion_27davis.JPG (352664 bytes)
^ Bullion Mine - Davis Tunnel - Closed Off
bullion_21.JPG (330330 bytes)
bullion_18.JPG (375766 bytes)
^ Bullion Mine - Davis Tunnel - Mill Foundations
bullion_23.JPG (430973 bytes)
bullion_24.JPG (374546 bytes)
bullion_25.JPG (346651 bytes)
bullion_26.JPG (351106 bytes)

^ Bullion Mine - Davis Tunnel - Old Buildings

Last photo is Assay Lab

bullion_20.JPG (312071 bytes)
^ At Bullion Mine Looking Down Canyon Toward Old Town-Site
bullion_19.JPG (381818 bytes)
^ Bullion Mine - Caretaker's Home
bullion_14oc.JPG (383020 bytes)
^ Bullion Mine - Caretaker's Home - Bullion Mine Ore Cars
bullion_11.JPG (262181 bytes)
Bullion Mine - Tailing Dump
bullion_30.JPG (476541 bytes)
^ Bullion Mine - Old Claim Marker - Burned Post
Bullion Mine Town-Sites
bullion_10.JPG (366392 bytes)
bullion_29.JPG (484029 bytes)
^ Burned Boards

Lower Town-Site/Mill-Site Areas (below)

North Side of Draw

010805bullion_4.JPG (372103 bytes) 010805bullion_5.JPG (382875 bytes)
Springs (shown on topo map) Mill-Site - Slag and Rock Foundations
010805bullion_6.JPG (443684 bytes) 010805bullion_13.JPG (377722 bytes)

Lower Town-Site/Mill-Site Areas (below)

South Side of Draw

010805bullion_26.JPG (350146 bytes)
010805bullion_2.JPG (385290 bytes)
010805bullion_9.JPG (415225 bytes)

Town-Site Up From Mill-Site (below)

The town-site has many scattered more recent holes - I would assume made by scavengers.

010805bullion_16.JPG (490110 bytes)
010805bullion_17.JPG (445751 bytes)
010805bullion_23.JPG (411134 bytes)
010805bullion_24.JPG (402778 bytes)
^ Foundations and Side-Hill Cuts
010805bullion_25.JPG (434779 bytes)
^ Got Me



At the place on the topographic map marked "Cem", there are

a few scattered burned wooden boards, one man-created

 depression with associated mound (I would suppose grave robbers or the body has been exhumed or moved), and another less conspicuous area in the shape of a rectangle

outlined with white rocks (presumably another grave).

010805bullioncem_3.JPG (382855 bytes)

010805bullioncem_2.JPG (434473 bytes)


bullion_1.JPG (277652 bytes)

010805corral_1.JPG (391029 bytes)

010805corral_2.JPG (356452 bytes)

^ On Bullion Mine Road - Further East of Canyon

shown as corral on topographic map


Humming Birds at Mine Watchman's Home

 - Bullion Mine

bullion_hummer1.JPG (202897 bytes)
bullion_hummer3.JPG (251161 bytes)


Head of Trout Creek 

- S of Bullion Mine

troutck_2.JPG (287717 bytes)



USGS Topographic Map of Pine Mountain Area

USGS Topographic Map Bullion Mine Area


USGS Aerial Photograph of Bullion Mine Area




Bullion Mine, Mill and Road Links

Location:  4031'26"N  11559'56"



Check out this site!

BULLION (Bullion City)(Railroad City)(Highland)(Empire City)(Bunker Hill)(Railroad Mining District) Photos

Silver was discovered in 1869. By the spring of 1870, a full scale boom was on and two townsites platted: Highland and Bullion City. However, the difficult ore always hindered Bullion. The 1870 census has Bullion's population at 110. Bullion peaked in 1874 but the next year, the mining companies folded one by one. However, production focused on copper and by 1880, Bullion had revived to have a population of 150. But by the late 1880s, things around Bullion were pretty dead. All the mills and smelters were closed. Population was only about 20 through the turn of the century. 1916 was the biggest production year for Bullion when more than 1 million pounds of copper were removed, but any hopes of a permanent revival faded and by 1918, all activity was at a standstill. Bullion was basically a ghost town after that. Although some mining has taken place since, it did nothing to revive the town. Total production for the district is close to $5 million. Not much is left in Bullion today. Large slag heaps, smelter foundations, stone ruins and a small cemetery are the only markers.

Great Basin Minerals, Ltd.

Odds & Ends

 Spoon Size:  92 x 31 mm
Spoon head, likely had a wooden or bone handle.  This specimen was found in the old mining camp of Bullion, a ghost town in southwestern Elko County.  This town was active in the late 1800's and was pretty much a ghost town by 1900.  Found while metal detecting the town which basically otherwise produced nails.  A neat little item left over from Nevada's mining past.
IDSpoon - Item #6

Locality:  Bullion, Railroad Mining District, Elko Co., Nevada, USA



April 3, 1899   Sundance Kid, George Currie, and Harvey Logan rob the Club Saloon in Elko, Nevada.


Bullion Road (Wagons Ho!)







Additional Information:  Northeastern Nevada Museum

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