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Beowawe, Eureka County, Nevada

Elevation: 4695 feet

Beowawe is a place where many have passed through but few have remained.  It has seen the likes of Indians, trappers, traders, emigrants, miners, ranchers, railroaders, ministers and school marms.  But the town hasn't been able to provide a lasting home for them.  They have come, stayed for a while, and gone.  The school  has closed, the church is closed and now up for sale ($11,000 - includes building, well and land), the post office, grocery store and even the bar have  closed down.  A few residents, the library, a gift shop (Dee's), the highway maintenance station, a liquefied petroleum gas tank farm and a few outlying ranches are what now remain.  Beowawe may soon come back into the news.  It is one of several planned alternative routes to ship spent nuclear waste to Nevada's Yucca Mountain in southern Nevada.   Here the nuclear waste would be unloaded from the Western Pacific railroad.  Then shipped by a yet to be constructed 320-mile railroad spur from here to Yucca Mountain. 



Desert Magazine Story

Beowawe is pronounced Bay-o-wah'-wee and is an Indian word meaning "gate" - so named for the peculiar shape of the hills close to town which gives the effect of a gateway opening to the valley beyond.

Some of the older residents of Beowawe have related a much more flamboyant origin of the town's name.



The following paragraph is copied directly from:





"A small camp formed here during the 1840s and 1850s when a trading post was set up along the California Trail. An actual town didn't materialize until the arrival of the Central Pacific Railroad in 1868. A post office opened in 1870 and the town became the center of a spread out ranching community. By 1881, the town had a population of 60 and had a hotel and store. When the boom at Buckhorn began in 1909, a large power plant was constructed at Beowawe. However, the boom died in 1916 and the plant was abandoned. Today, the town continues to survive and maintains a sleepy existence. Trains still rumble through but no longer stop. The old depot was torn down in the 1980s. Many old buildings still remain and the huge foundations of the power plant are interesting. The Beowawe geysers, a great natural attraction, are located nearby."



The Donner Party camped near the present site of Beowawe on Wednesday, September 29, 1846. 


My grandfather, Grant Pyle Sr. was involved in an accident at Beowawe, Nevada in 1903. He was stored with the dead until a National Guardsman heard him moaning.This could easily have severed my branch of the family tree.


USGS Topographic Map of Beowawe (1986)

USGS Aerial Photograph of Beowawe (1994)



Click on photos to see original high clarity digital photographs  



At I-80 freeway looking southwest toward Malpais Mountains and Whirlwind Valley.

beowawe/020217beo_fromi80.JPG (212715 bytes)



Horseshoe Ranch, just northeast of Beowawe, Nevada

beowawe/020217beo_horseshoe1.JPG (237204 bytes)

Cow  feeding lot on Horseshoe Ranch

beowawe/020217beo_horseshoe2.JPG (247132 bytes)



Humboldt River, looking south.  Beowawe is located at the base of the mountain on the right (Malpais Point)

beowawe/020120beowawe_humboldteast1g.JPG (245652 bytes)


Entering Beowawe, Nevada

beowawe/020217beo_enter.JPG (266229 bytes)


Old saloon building on left just as you enter Beowawe
020217beo_hamms4.JPG (298370 bytes)
020217beo_hamms5.JPG (377063 bytes)
Beowawe, Nevada  February 27, 1943 flood - showing break in roadway

(compare with above two photos)

NENM Photo 9-113

9-113.jpg (19263 bytes)
Beowawe flood - 1943

The building on the left remains (Hamms sign) adjacent buildings are now gone

NENM Photo 9-110

9-110.jpg (32959 bytes)
beowawe/020217beo_hamms3.JPG (271949 bytes)
beowawe/020217beo_hamms.JPG (260125 bytes)
beowawe/020217beo_hamms1.JPG (281244 bytes)
beowawe/020217beo_hamms_w1.JPG (378414 bytes)



Propane Tank Farm, on east outskirts of Beowawe, Nevada
beowawe/020217beo_lpgsiding.JPG (186804 bytes)
beowawe/020217beo_lpg.JPG (226752 bytes)
beowawe/020217beo_lpgsiding1.JPG (191502 bytes)


Residences at base of Malpais Point
beowawe/020217beo_dee3.JPG (264374 bytes)
beowawe/020217beo_dee1.JPG (266032 bytes)
beowawe/020217beo_dee8.JPG (342084 bytes)
beowawe/020217beo_dee7.JPG (346726 bytes)
beowawe/020217beo_dee5.JPG (292447 bytes)
Old Post office (see site)
beowawe/020217beo_dee6.JPG (252812 bytes)
beowawe/020217beo_dee2.JPG (290501 bytes)



Old Barite Stockpile area.  In the late '70's and early '80's this was the stockpile area for the Clipper Barite Mine originally operated by Mr. Tom Norris, then IMCO Services.  The mine was located in Crescent Valley.  The jig ore was shipped at this location by railroad to the gulf coast grinding plants.

beowawe/020217beo_barite1.JPG (275713 bytes)

Railroad loading ramp.

beowawe/020217beo_dee4.JPG (295396 bytes)



Abandoned RV park

beowawe/020217beo_rv1.JPG (262825 bytes)

Donny Burke Memorial Cross along road in Beowawe.

beowawe/020217beo_burke2.JPG (386231 bytes)

beowawe/020217beo_burke1.JPG (362499 bytes)



Residence across from new school

020217beo_cntr1.JPG (278194 bytes)

beowawe/020217beo_cntr2.JPG (286263 bytes)



Road to Crescent Valley, Beowawe road maintenance buildings on right.

020217beo_dt1.JPG (270875 bytes)

Eureka County Road Department Beowawe Nevada

beowawe/020217beo_hwydept3.JPG (249954 bytes)

beowawe/020217beo_hwydept2.JPG (280461 bytes)

beowawe/020217beo_hwydept1.JPG (274010 bytes)

The Beowawe library is now located in the old courthouse building.

Beowawe Courthouse Beowawe Nevada -  July 1959 - original school house is on left of photo (now gone)

NENM Photo 9-40

beowawe/020217beo_library1.JPG (295267 bytes)

9-40.jpg (38331 bytes)

Original School House at Beowawe, Nevada, July, 1959

NENM Photo 9-42

9-42.jpg (44062 bytes)

Beowawe Old School - February 7, 1992  Now torn down

Photo courtesy of Joe Bell

920207beowaweschool.jpg (94609 bytes)

Beowawe Old School - February 7, 1992

  Mr. Joe Bell is in front of school

Photo courtesy of Joe Bell

920207joebellbeowawe.jpg (93124 bytes)

Current location of Old School and Beowawe library

beowawe/020217beo_mail.JPG (312365 bytes)

Abandoned Church

Catholic Church Beowawe Nevada July 1959  Note mud swallows nests under roof

NENM Photo 9-36

beowawe/020217beo_church1.JPG (257711 bytes)

9-36.jpg (34563 bytes)

beowawe/020217beo_trailers1.JPG (249396 bytes)


New School (south of old school) - now closed

beowawe/020217beo_school8.JPG (259453 bytes)

beowawe/020217beo_school7.JPG (191728 bytes)

beowawe/020217beo_school5.JPG (251981 bytes)

beowawe/020217beo_school6.JPG (228148 bytes)


On main road just south of new school - I was told the owner recently passed away (not verified)
020217beo_j2.JPG (283124 bytes)
020217beo_j3.JPG (269506 bytes)


Pioneer Pass Parcels in Beowawe, Nevada
020217beo_ppp1.JPG (257187 bytes)
020217beo_ppp2.JPG (222421 bytes)



Residences on west of town
020217beo_wn8.JPG (252231 bytes)
Addendum:  I took these photos on February 17, 2002.  It is now August 22, 2002.  At the time I knew nothing about these residences.  Recently while reading an excellent article about Shoshone Indian willow basket making (see references below) I was shocked to see the following cabin and shed (following two photos) in an article by Edna B. Patterson about Mary Hall.  Edna Patterson's photos were taken in July, 1953.  At the time it was the home of Jenny Snooks, daughter of Mary Hall (her photo at the end of this page).  Jenny Snooks was Shoshone and made beautiful traditional baskets and deer skin articles. Edna's photos were captioned:  "The shed at Beowawe in July, 1953 where author Edna Patterson saw Jennie Snooks peeling and splitting willows for basketry material.  The basketmaker's lips were bloody and her fingers raw from working with the willows." (Click Here to see photos of Jennie Snooks' work)
020217beo_wn1.JPG (263241 bytes)
020217beo_wn10.JPG (336194 bytes)
020217beo_wn11.JPG (233300 bytes)
020217beo_wn6.JPG (287244 bytes)
020217beo_wn7.JPG (264791 bytes)


Abandoned residence just south of above houses
020217beo_sw5.JPG (276635 bytes)
020217beo_sw4.JPG (286163 bytes)
020217beo_sw7.JPG (275158 bytes)
020217beo_sw10.JPG (277723 bytes)
020217beo_sw9.JPG (201703 bytes)
020217beo_sw3.JPG (289667 bytes)
020217beo_sw6.JPG (255714 bytes)
020217beo_sw2.JPG (287110 bytes)
020217beo_sw1.JPG (333637 bytes)


Abandoned mine camp from nearby old cinnabar mine (?)
020217beo_s10.JPG (205829 bytes)
020217beo_s7.JPG (256121 bytes)
020217beo_s12.JPG (212751 bytes)
020217beo_s11.JPG (241762 bytes)
020217beo_s16.JPG (258810 bytes)
020217beo_s5.JPG (239372 bytes)
020217beo_s8.JPG (261692 bytes)
020217beo_s13.JPG (286247 bytes)
020217beo_s14.JPG (287661 bytes)
020217beo_s17.JPG (254379 bytes)
020217beo_s1.JPG (195539 bytes)



Some old photos of Beowawe

Post Office Beowawe, Nevada July 1963

NENM Photo 9-41 

9-41.jpg (31975 bytes)

Beowawe c 1922

NENM Photo 9-48

9-48.jpg (190070 bytes)

Aunt Kates Hotel in Beowawe Nevada about 1888.  Burned down - foundation still there in 1977.

NENM Photo 9-114

9-114.jpg (28594 bytes)

Interior of Beowawe Hotel - Beowawe, Nevada,  circa late 1890's or early 1900's

 Owned and operated by Martha Nyberg.  Hotel burned down in 1977

NENM Photo 9-116

9-116.jpg (106566 bytes)

Mary Hall, Beowawe, Nevada and her basket.  Date not known

NENM Photo 9-71

9-71.jpg (62213 bytes)


for more B&W





Northeastern Nevada Historical Society Quarterly, Fall 1985 "MARY HALL", Western Shoshone Basketmaker, by Edna B. Patterson, available in limited quantities from the Northeastern Nevada Museum.

Northeastern Nevada Historical Society Quarterly, Spring 1995 "BASKETRY OF THE WESTERN SHOSHONE AND NORTHERN PAIUTE INDIANS", by Larry Dalrymple, available in limited quantities from the Northeastern Nevada Museum.






    Beowawe Geysers, Eureka County, Nv 


Maiden's Grave, Beowawe, Eureka County, Nv 


Donny Burke, Northeastern, Nv 


Jennie Snooks, Northeastern, Nv 


Cortez Miners at Beewawe, Nevada, 1889






Additional Information:  Northeastern Nevada Museum

NENM Photos are courtesy of the Northeastern Nevada Museum

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Recent Photos by Dan Turner , 1/20/02  and 2/17/02